Bringing art into a data filled world, and shape-shifting data within creativity


Photographs taken by Caedy Convis

artist turned designer

I design for emotion. I believe cohesive and intuitive design systems are functional, usable, reliable, and most of all, breath feeling. Emotional design allows conversations with users that always end with a better iteration. So, why not design to fulfill a task and put a smile on our users faces?

As individuals, we own our story; as a collective, shared stories can be powerful. I relish listening to stories of individuals and companies that stem from passion and drive. I aim to always be open to learning new things, while acknowledging what I don’t know.

about me

Since graduating from Northwestern University with a degree in Art Theory and Practice and a Human-Centered Design certificate from the Segal Design Institute of the McCormick School of Engineering, I am actively exploring the ways data and creativity intersect and drive one another within design.

Growing up in Southern California and navigating university, I was always attracted to experiences and opportunities with one common thread: Understanding the Human experience. I believe that there is a real kinship between the humans and design. Much of my work within Fashion and Advertising has informed my understanding of consumers and what experiences drive behavior. I believe that great design provokes thought, expands imagination, and changes our experience of the world.

I am currently in the process of applying for Human-Computer Interaction and Design related Masters programs to further my education and training as a Designer.


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