From a young age, I have always been led be my imagination. I am CONTINUOUSLY finding ways to create as a way to understand how humans percEIve the world.



Our bodies are the home of definitions, perceptions, and anxieties. What we wear, what we say, how we act all encompass who we think we are. Our perception of ourselves is shaped by categories created by others that distinguish and define the world. I want to take this cycle of definition and self-perception and flip it on its head to allow you to see not was is there, but what is there – I want to bend and expand the way you see the world.

My work is an examination of different forms that define our bodies and how they affect the way we perceive our bodies in the world. I use objects that resemble parts of the body in order to encourage the viewer to identify with my work. Altering and redefining things that connect so closely with the self is a way of questioning how we see the world, why we see it that way we do, and why we feel the way we do about our bodies.


Time-Based Art

My work looks at the way sound and visual indicators affect the way we understand what we hear and see to illustrate how abstract reality is.



Behind the lens, I explore ways to capture fleeting moments and life details that are commonly missed.

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