COUNTERPARTS // Art Magazine

My task was to create a Art Magazine. We had to indicate the name, format, how the format will be divided according to content categories (i.e. departments, columns, features, interviews, art, prose, theory, news, reviews, etc.); also list contributors to the first issue, number of copies produced each issue, how many issues per year and distribution scheme. Along with this, post your introductory "letter from the editor" in which you lay out the philosophy of the magazine and its approach to contemporary art and criticism.

Brave Initiatives // One pager

My task was to create a One-Pager to provide to donors and vendors to promote the necessary information about the camp. Brave Initiatives is a non-profit that helps empower young women through coding. Brave Camps create a space for the girls to understand their power, identity, and community problems where they can create digital interventions to help their community through the design process and coding.