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Oh. Hello There!

I design for emotion. I believe cohesive and intuitive design systems are functional, usable, reliable, and most of all, capture emotion. Emotional design becomes the vehicle for conversations between designers and the public, which always ends with a better iteration. So, why not design to fulfill a task and put a smile on people’s faces?
Asian female with dark hair looking off to the right with a blend of blue, pink, and purple lighting around her.
Isabel is sitting on top of large rock in Joshua Tree during sunset. She is smiling at the camera.

Why Art, Design, and Technology?

My interest in Human-Computer Interaction comes from my interest in people. Through my studies into people and their experiences with visual concepts, I realized people's perceptions change how they experience the world. My past work has shown me how technology and user experience can motivate even the most human experiences: maintaining relationships to expressing our every triumph and tribulation and connecting on a human level. What captivates me most about people is the cyclical relationship we have with designing these technologies: we shape them, and they shape us.

Isabel, on the right,  is working a dry erase board with a teammate. She is drawing different possible iterations of an interface.

As a maker mind,

I've always leaned into experiences and opportunities with one common thread: understanding the human experience. I went from a child who could only understand her own experience to a designer who craves to understand different ones. I was plagued with a constant urge to know why and how. I believe that there is a real kinship between humans and design. I believe that great design provokes thought, expands the imagination, and changes how we move through the world.

As a cross-disciplinary designer,

I am actively exploring the ways data and creativity intersect and drive one another through effective technological and experiential design. I thrive in the cross-section of strategy, experience, and tangibility. I believe that successful, transformative solutions result from deep collaborations focused on elevating users' desires while acknowledging contextual and social constraints. The space between research and design allows me to transform ambiguity into insights to drive conceptualization of new products, map organizational service structures, and design sector-shifting strategies.

Isabel is sitting on top of large rock in Joshua Tree during sunset. She is smiling at the camera.

I developed my craft througH

  • Masters of Human Computer Interaction
    Carnegie Mellon University
  • B.A. Art Theory and Practice
    Segal Design Certificate
    Northwestern University

Outside of work, you can find me

  • Taking dance classes
  • Watching midnight movie showings
  • Finding the nearest hiking trail
  • Looking for new flavors to try
  • Making ART!